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by Gecko

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Got Science 04:41
I got lost on an Elephant road My head spinning And how time passes 
Heaven knows You wake up in a carnival occasion You can’t help moving around The heat blazing We shared a kiss outside a cash dispenser And I’m glad that we did We ignored some stormy weather You know, feed a flower it grows Treat it sour it shows But we could always go to the movies We got science We got maths You’re staying after class We got science We got maths Stick to the cycle path A higher pass Just riding past So we resume this trip with bridges burnt Keep travelling on but to where we’re not concerned I’ve got to know my route round most these service stations Can’t get complacent while this world’s still young So you can run on ahead I’ll just keep tearing round corners Taking it in See me leaping through wardrobes This race is finished A crowd cheers But see the man in the red clutching his water like a trophy We got science We got maths And I don't care about psychology We got science We got maths You know science like biology We got science We got maths From the reindeer to the wallaby We got science We got maths And we don't need your terminology Keep it specific Scientific You must have missed it Like deep physics I mean business I’m not a businessman I’m a busy man Let’s bring it to the proverbial periodic table Been on the journey early since Blue Peter got Mabel I need it like school jumpers need your name upon the label And to play ping pong in a credible way you need a flipping table Not apathetic like these clowns in the circus bored Keep spinning round this country Electric like a circuit board Get in the deep end Stick your head beneath the surface water Asleep in Victoria Awaken in the Northern Quarter ‘Cause there’s more to life than counting minutes you can’t stop it Ignore the clock Chuck the sundial in a shadow puppet ‘Cause I’ve played to a thousand And I’ve played to seven people But if those seven people each in turn told seven people And those seven people continued this game of recall Then that’s ….142? Anyway that’s not the point like wrong decimals You can cause an avalanche from just a few decibels I’m home down these train tracks Coach seats lets face facts Don’t trace back like Hansel & Gretel it’ll get gory See some easy sweets and it’s more feasible to ignore me But concentrate and listen to the moral of that story Don’t scoff a gingerbread cottage with your backs hunched Walk straight past that witch’s house And take a packed lunch You’re holding on to that tension in your back you’re so stressy
I’m driving off into freedom I’m like Jesse Pinkman I’m a figment of your imagination Sometimes I feel like an overworked doctor Got too much patience /patients ‘Cause I’m in it for the long haul Don’t leave an answerphone message If you think you made the wrong call It’s not that I just want to do this I flipping have to When I worked in a school I tried to ship my demo in the lunch queue And in the playground got embroiled in a far too serious for infants rap battle ‘Cause this is the absolute essence of my being My eyes are always looking I’m still working on the seeing So throw away your caution Hold off your apprehension Else I got science You just got after school detention
Solder 04:30
Creeping out your speakers Feel the heat just like fajitas Guitar cannot defeat us Learn the chords and we’ll meet freedom Not the naughtiest Son of an accordionist Guitar can’t stop the awkwardness But it sure can make less boring bits Drum breaks over lunch break Heard Simon could summon up some bass Without anyone helping ‘Just keep that going ’til the bell rings' I can sing and play guitar but Not at the same time! That might take longer to learn Than this one break time Clem’s brother’s in a cool band They’re not even a school band They know all the rules and I wish we were a cool band Taught us ‘bout the Beastie Boys They’ve got real CDs boys If you haven't seen these boys You really need to see these boys Pacing round guitar shops At the amps we would be staring They always kicked us out But were so much nicer to our parents Spilling out The Croft voices lost but not forgotten But in the morning when we’re yawning Sound like Dot Cotton Call it what you like I dipped my head in the stream and now it’s all I can dream about There’s no way out Stick together like Solder We’ll just never get older Making a cocktail out of Mum & Dad’s drink cabinet They won’t notice not having it What’s a bit of rum & Sa-vig-non cab-er-net? Lost in a field now Crawling like a field mouse And things are kind of hazy Has anyone seen my sister Maisie?
I’ve known her since the day that she was born And now someone’s said she’s disappeared down a path made out of sweetcorn ‘You trying to say Mais is lost in a maze of maize?' And what is happening here?
We’re just passengers crashing through Road isn't clear Fashioning lassoes just trying to steer Just hurtling into the dark But I’ll wear short sleeves purposefully So you can see my heart And if I fall off this narrow road I’ll hang on to that pommel horse Don’t know where this arrow goes But in exams I always went off course Won’t find me in no Olympic park No medals not even for taking part Thanks sports day But I’m a ninja turtle Life’s up and down But I just run through hurdles
There was a time before the internet When if you wanted to send an email you had to tie it onto a pigeon with a sat nav And if you wanted to attach a photo You had to put it in the beak of a sparrow And then tie the sparrow onto the foot of the pigeon It was called the ‘70s I think I don’t know I wasn't there
iPhone, you phone No-one’s got no phone Kick it old school Like the home phone of a Roman They build the phones Just to break the phones Then they make new phones Then they break those phones We think about our phones More than we ring phones Now I’m all over the place Like a polyphonic ringtone When the end of the world finally thunders We’ll be watching it through the screens of our iPhone 500s Trying to get the best shot When you’re alone and out in public for longer than you planned Grab your phone out of your pocket And just stare into your hand And on a train don’t look out the window People will think you’re mad Grab your phone out of your pocket And just stare into your hand We go to places to take photos of places So people acknowledge our faces were in these places But when our faces were actually in these places Our faces weren't acknowledging the places they were faced with It’s something that I’m not certain can be healthy First day of holiday take a swift selfie Help me!
I thought I’d look hot In fact I almost burnt to death I think one day my obsession’s gonna hurt me No matter how many pages I’ve refreshed I’m still thirsty And the fulfilment always seems to avert me It’s like its never Friday 
I’m always stuck at flipping Thursday
Wake up online and stay on it ’til I’m sleepy If I could I’d live in an ://’HT-Teepee’:\\ Who’s in charge here?
Me or my charger?
Percents in the red I feel physically lethargic ‘That’s it guys forget me’ ‘I’ve completely lost it’ ‘Go on without me’ ‘I’m Polly Pocket minus the pockets’ Until hang on in the corner there i spot it Surely not My jaw just drops An available plug socket! Now I’m plugged in Relaxed Forgetting all that frantic stuff Sipping a latte Catching up on candy crush Just treating myself I’ve put my brightness on full I think my mind’s part machine And my dream’s a computer Let’s face it we’ve just gone ‘Back to the Future’ Imagine the kids from the 80s' faces If they saw the gadgets we use on a daily basis Their minds would be blown They’d find it insane though I can imagine their disappointment after we try and explain Aeroplane mode ‘No it can’t actually make you fly’ ‘It just puts your phone into a sort of permanent state of no signal’ ‘A bit like living in Cornwall’
Rapunzel 04:29
I’ve been stuck my whole life in a tower These bells make my head ring every hour And every night I pray for a ladder that’s up to the task ‘Cause I’ve been craving the sweet outdoors Talk about dreams I don’t know about yours But it doesn’t seem that much to ask Get me out of here And get me out fast Why you running around girl?
Hair so pretty but you don't know your up from your down Why you running around girl?
Why you running?
Why you running around?

Then one day I was sat at my window seat Spiky hatted man came into my vicinity And he stared He stared right up at me He said ‘Lay down your hair to me It can act like stairs for me Then I’ll climb up there to thee And your life you could share with me’ I said ‘Boy, are you deluded? Then we’d both just be up here are you stupid? I’m trying to leave this bloody location Not double its population’ The whole situation got real frustrating ‘And even if your mad plan did bear fruit Would you allow a grown man dangle from your roots? And don’t be so presumptuous for that matter I’m not looking for love But I am looking for a ladder’ He said ‘Girl the world’s full of danger My castle’s the safest place for an angel like you With your golden hair so beautiful and long It would just attract the wrong kind of people The drunks on life’s paths are inherently evil And I don't want anyone to do you harm That’s just where I’m coming from’ And I said ‘Can’t you see what you’re saying to me?
Or are you too focused on saving me?
All I wanna do is get out of here But I wanna run round fields Dip my head in streams Eat berries, my life has been so incomplete I don’t see how I could make it any more clear You wanna save a girl from a tower Only to then build more walls around her Can’t you see that it’s just the same?
I’m not and ornament Yeh I’ve got a brain’ Then he said ‘I think I see what you mean’ And then he kindly pulled over the neighbours’ 10 foot trampoline That’s why I’m running around boy! Hair so pretty I’m still finding my up from my down That’s why I’m running around boy!
That’s why I’m running ‘Cause I’ve never been running around
Milk Teeth 05:10
Dear Jo I’m writing in response of your letter There’s a chance you might not remember You did send it back in November November 1997 I’m afraid we’ve had a bit of a backlog Here at tooth fairy HQ We’ve had a few staff cutbacks And it’s taken a while to get back to you But your letter was something quite special It made my day I can assure you Especially as most of our post goes: ‘Dear Tooth Fairy You didn't pay me enough for my molars So I’m filing a lawsuit’ You said the kids at school were teasing you They said I wasn't real But you believed in me You said you always will From now to the next millennium Which thinking about it was just three short years from then But it was a popular word at the time But your letter really helped believe me Its amazing to feel your belief in me As soon as they stop leaving their teeth So many just stop believing in me And I loved the picture you painted me You really captured my likeness faithfully Your use of colour amazed me And that red elephant with a handbag next to me well It was just…it was just completely pivotal to the piece as a whole And I wonder what you’re doing now So many years have passed it’s strange You said you hoped you’d grow to be either a doctor, an astronaut Or a member of All Saints Well never say never ever Have I ever felt so low? Did you follow your dreams Jo? Or get lost in between Jo?
And of course we have to make compromises I for one wasn't thrilled when I had to diversify 50% tooth management 50% selling washing up products But that’s working life Just as long as it’s working right?
It’s a scary business When life gives you lemons sometimes you have to make fairy liquid But just follow the stream Jo You’ll get to the sea Jo Like a radio wave crashing the aerial Swim like a little mermaid Ariel Follow the stream Jo You’ll get to the sea Jo Life’s a game of risk and you’re a new player But trust you’ll be fine I’m the toothpaste soothsayer I know times are tough at the moment It reminds me of the ‘80s For someone whose life is teeth I’d never seen such calcium deficiency It’s like someone just woke up one day and decided to steal all of the kids milk!
But that was before you were born But now the cycle’s returning It’s a struggle to keep your head above water And just keep the treadmill turning The cuts have hit my department hard There’s three of us left The office is empty We’ve had to draft in the Easter bunny to take calls at reception We tempted him with eggs as an incentive Modern life is expensive It’s hard not to be defensive Me and St Nic have lost contact Even Rudolph’s on a zero hour contract World’s gone mad But now to the point of my letter What I really want you to remember You’ve gotta drink up life like you did in ’97 Turn the amplifier up to 11 Paint pictures Life is your sandpit Don’t care if people don’t understand it Go on the swings Find someone to take turns with Your time is worth something tell that to the internship Stride out into the world But don't be too scared to ask for some help ‘Cause if you can believe in a tooth fairy Sure as hell can believe in yourself
The Library 03:38
Metaphor manipulator Wordplay articulator Got a new ink cartridge And I just refilled the printer paper If knowledge is power how come Donald is powerful?
Blonde floppy hair about as subtle as a power tool I tried the museum but I got museum feet And if you’re not getting a coffee You’re not getting a seat I tried university it was £9000 Tried to find a library they kept tearing them down I went to the observatory but I couldn't get a space Apparently you have to planet ahead seems strange Turned to the bank Never felt more a loan The world’s my oyster card If it’s off peak and within the zones I wrote to the council Tried my local MP But it all just got lost in a constituent sea I searched the job centre But there wasn't an entrance I queued so long When I got there I was getting my pension ‘Cause if you want knowledge then go to the library And if you want solitude then go to the library If you want good internet then go to the library And if you want a book then go to the bookshop Open the page on a brand new chapter They call me a useful bit of hardware if you wanna charge your phone in mainland Europe I’m an adapter I’m the verb velociraptor I’m lost in the narrative Like Bob trying to build without his tractor In Alaska That’s tragic And it’s gonna take ages But you can’t take it all in if you just flick through life’s pages I’m a vegetarian, Aquarian, librarian Got lost in the bookshelf of life Quite a scary thing Stared at my face in a lake Got quite delirious And they said Harry Potter’s godfather is a black shaggy dog You cannot be Sirius? Just searching for that secret garden But they paved up the walls as we speak I beg your pardon? And in its place another betting shop Forgetting what is important Ladbrokes? £5 says its not From here to the Iberian peninsula We can be invincible But no man’s an island You hear me then Caligula? Keep it colloquial Share the knowledge Spread vernacular Language isn't set in Rosetta stone Feed it like a Dracula Or vacuum cleaner Got my eyes on a prize Dyson Charging like a bison without a license through the high street They can cut through our guts But they can't cut our imaginations Stand adjacent to librarians Let’s block the flipping pavements Appease me 
I’m wearing the glasses like I’m 3D They’re gonna pay like I wasn't even offering a freebie They want us lost in our jobs We want corn they give us cobs They give us scorn we give our logs When we should be lighting our own fires Following our own desires Tracking our own tyres Growing our own Hyacinths Plugging our own wires
In any other room In any other room I could be noticed They come in in their droves From open ’til closed Thousands pour in Yet thousands more go Snaking out the room You can see the path grow All eager for a glimpse of some primo Leonardo Grumpy dads dragged through the crowd by their stealthy kids Excusez-moi path as they limbo under selfie sticks All trying to get a picture of a picture Picturing that picture through the phone taking their picture And everybody’s picture looks like everyone else’s picture Like the original picture But a smaller blurrier fixture All the cameras held aloft makes the view limited Next time just type Mona Lisa into google images And here I am sat in a frame here opposite Take anyone’s time but nobody’s yet offered it
Or realised there’s another painting to view I’ve seen more backs than a masseuse in a queue Occasionally they might turn and say ‘Right we’ve seen that shall we find the cafe?’ Try to catch their eye as I’m singing my lost song Who am I kidding? They’re just thinking about a croissant 
I can’t make I can’t make I can’t make I can’t make no sound In any other room Always the wedding singer never the bridegroom Its hard to get by when that loneliness finds you If I was painted in a time that had iTunes My playlists would just be sad songs I feel like a raindrop trying to stand out from the shower Or a tall person competing with the Eiffel tower Although your height might be above average for a human It would be of literally no interest to an architect But then it was like my clouds were a parting shore I realised I had everything I’d been asking for How could I have never seen The whole time everybody was looking at her She’d been looking at me!
And I’m just sat here frozen She could have the world but it’s me that she’s chosen My heart’s racing I’ve never felt more alive Think my whole painting’s glowing like ‘A Starry Night’ Yeh she’s a work of art I mean she actually is a work of art She’s like the Mona Lisa Pinch me she is the Mona Lisa I get lost in her eyes If I’m a safe she’s unlocked me She must have got the Da Vinci code Just staring at that smirk in her features I try to find the words but I’m speechless
Home Late 04:10
If you go left I’ll go the opposite of right If you’re the day I’m the thing that comes directly after the night If you’re a swan I'm an ugly duckling come of age If you’re a tree then open your book I’m a page If you’re lightning I’m the visual representation of thunder If you’re Australia I’m a more technical term for down under If you’re a jar I’m a slightly open door or container of jam If you're indecisive I’m not really sure what I am I might be home late I’m writing this out on the bus I’m coming back to you babe Glamorous life on the N29 yeh on a Tuesday We’re heading out into the dark And I don't know where to start If you’re Fahrenheit I’m minus thirty then half that degrees If you’re the wind I’m an above his station breeze If you’re woodwork I’m a skillset requiring a sander If you’re bamboo I’m the main dietary needs of a panda If you’re the moon I’m a conspiracy theorist’s bone of contention If you’re the wheel I’m a pretty essential invention Floating up above then well I guess I’m the sky And if you’re a bird I’m a mid 90s RnB ballad I mean I believe I can fly To the middle of nowhere Just follow my strides And if we’re going in circles we can see it all twice To the middle of nowhere Just go against the tide We could be deep in the distance But you’re by my side
Cross London Bridge past that London Dungeon Sometimes pollution makes it hard to function Sunk in the air there’s a passing judgement Just search in the haze for the punctuation But the fun’s gotta stop somewhere the page reads Lack of apostrophe could drive a man crazy In the sign for the coffee shop Next to the office block Looking for a double meaning Settle for a double shot Did I mention I like you a Latte? We could share stories we just glance ‘cross the cafe Ostriches burying deep into our phone screens If only just to seem a little less lonely And I don’t mind My head is fine Just breathe in air We’ll get there And though this world can feel so cold Just breathe in air Now I’m not used to this Highland climate But make something out of bamboo I’ll climb it Don’t understand a word which is awkward But apparently there’s no better place to be in August Not that we get a chance to see the festival Sat in an enclosure like an oriental vegetable Love is something that can grow slowly She seems nice but she still needs to get to know me And I need to get to know her in every sense She’s also from China such a coincidence What are the chances?
We’ve so much in common!
She absolutely loves bamboo And maybe one day we could try for a baby but We’ve gotta take our time we’re not crazy And it’s our business I won’t shout it with candour Just a day in the life of an unsuspecting panda It’s a man’s world providing you’re a straight man And you’re not one of those from another race mans Not all the world’s a stage We forget the stage hands Stuck behind the curtain and kicked into the wasteland And you can see it from Manor House park view Can’t see past it but the park can see past you Don’t feed the ducks bread Messes with the ducks head Bird seed is much more sensible And I felt like digging my phone from my pocket Holding it out over the water just to drop it See the ripples it creates like the constant sound waves And feeling refreshed from the splashing sound made But of course I’m far too sensible A compromise would be more easily defensible Instead of such a dramatic gesture of sorts I turn it off and for once just let myself walk
I’m an insect and I’m the winner Your world has ended Mine’s just a beginner You tried the pesticide But mate the best survived All the rest just died It’s just me left alive I used to know this brer Name was the Polar bear But when I went round his place Now there’s no-one there And the poor elephant Used to be so elegant Then all the crops just turned rotten She used to never forget Now she’ll just be forgotten And I know I know It’s hard to take this seriously And I know I know Until we’re falling in to the sea Our time is transient Just like the bandicoot Everything will eventually crash (Yeh crash bandicoot)
But like the Romans Ancient Egyptians Whatever drowns will first make a splash So you had your chance Things did get well advanced But not enough to share around That’s when the ruling class Packed up their things in bags And headed in to the clouds So wave goodbye to the cute koala I’m afraid you’ve ruined all of it The only creature that’s a survivor Is the one that lives in the sh… Shrewdest of hiding places You only know what you've got when its gone I’m not crying there must be something wrong with my antenna It’s poking me in my eyes I’ve got no eyebrows I’ve never been surprised Are we that different in fact though?
Granted I don't have a backbone You call me a plague but who took all the world’s resources?
And then scorned Mother Earth No wonder the poor girl’s exhausted But if you want advice I am not that guy I’ve got five eyes You’re having a laugh But it would be sensible To know how to grow vegetables And pack the essential tools For building a raft
Volcano 06:14
I woke up from such a deep sleep If I didn't know better I’d think I'd been asleep for weeks Yesterday was the first day of winter So I took an early night just something I’m inta Snow covered the forest floor all over Not my scene I may be a bear but I’m not a polar Iciness on my feet just feels against nature Even the squirrels have been acting so strange lately They gathered up all the food that could be found But didn't eat any they just buried it in the ground It was completely nuts I thought it could have been a religious thing maybe But I’m not that clued up on bushy tailed deities So I got myself all cosy deep inside my den Some say I live in a right hole But my hole is actually two trees down on the left Past the badgers and the foxes its a pretty mixed area Up and coming With really great scenery And decent connections to the central forest amenities Been in the family for years Back then it was an absolute steal Literally I mean my grandad nicked it from a wolverine But this morning something happened you wouldn't believe I was so confused I thought I must have been deceived Somehow I thought what I was seeing must be wrong But the trees were now green and the snow It was completely gone Speckled light was seeping through any treetop spaces I heard male birds sing explicit songs about mating All the animals in fact seemed to be breeding like rabbits And the rabbits only took breaks between breeding to eat cabbage My reality was unravelling I’m just a bear I don't think I could bare time travelling I went to the river to cool off and get my head straight And got hit by about fifty salmon jumping directly in my face Found my dad Asked him if I need herbal medication He said ‘Son it’s time we had a talk about hibernation’ Though seasons change The feelings don't What’s at the top of the volcano Is not yet set in stone What a palaver There’s no butterfly here it’s all just lava I woke up to a bright light Hard to adjust to I had to close my eyes a few times to get accustomed I couldn't see anything other than pure white My mind started searching I thought maybe I’d died Disorientated my heart started pounding I tried to speak But I just couldn't get the sound out I couldn't remember anything It was the strangest feeling But then I realised the white was just the ceiling Turning my head took pretty much all of my powers I saw some cards and the most ridiculous amount of flowers Hospital room had almost become a forest I thought whatever happens I could probably become a florist Drifted off again and then when I regained consciousness A new face appeared and things got complicated I was just staring at her I thought I know this face But my head was just far too all over the place Then it hit me She’s the spitting image of my daughter But my daughter was a hell of a lot shorter My daughter still wanted to be lifted on my shoulders But there was my daughter She was just older How long was I gone? I could hear the new years countdowns Like trying to clutch at straws while a wolf blows your house down This isn't fair Thought of all the moments I’ve missed Birthdays, Christmas’, angry family camping holidays I wanted to be there for all that now it’s past me The good, the bad, even the dad dancing My reality was unravelling I’m just a man I don't think I could handle time travelling She said: ‘I know you’re feeling shaken up But dad thanks for waking up’ Though seasons change The feelings don't What’s at the top of the volcano Is not yet set in stone What a palaver There’s no butterfly here it’s all just lava It’s all just lava


released October 13, 2017

Produced, Engineered and mixed by Ben Mckone at Boogie Back, Muswell hill

Gecko is Will Sanderson-Thwaite

Vocals, Acoustic guitar, synth: Will Sanderson-Thwaite

Guest musicians:

Drums, MPC, Percussion, Vocals: Ben Mckone
Bass: James Mckone
Piano, Synth: Chris Read
Synth, Hammond Organ, Rhodes: Luke Allwood
Electric guitar: Joe Price
Backing vocals: Moa Taylor Hodin
Backing vocals: Lewis Bootle


all rights reserved



Gecko UK

Gecko is a London based singer-storyteller, his playful lyrics cover the big things in life; think iPhones, Libraries & Guanabana fruit juice to name but a few.


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